Bespoke Assignments

Designed for students who plan to study in English-speaking countries
I want to thank you because you always teach me that I should care about my future. Before I met you, I didn’t really even think about which universities I want to apply for, and so thank you so much! Alan Hsiao

High School Student

WHO is this service for? 

This special service is most suitable for students who are 14 to 18 years old.

Whether you are homeschooled or currently attending a local school in Taiwan (or elsewhere), a bilingual school, or an European/American/International school, Bespoke Assignments can help you move closer to your goal!

WHAT is “Bespoke Assignments”?

In a nutshell, Bespoke Assignments are a series of English assignments (= homework) designed for your specific needs based on a schedule that works for you.

What may those needs include?

Generally speaking, students who are preparing to study abroad in English speaking countries such as the US, UK, Australia and Canada may need help with:

Building a stronger English foundation (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation)

Preparing for exams like the TOEFL, SAT, ACT & IELTS, which often require better skills in listening, speaking, writing and reading

Applying to schools; while this can be a scary process, I will simplify it for you by leading you to do the following: 1) understand what’s involved in the process 2) do the research to select the most suitable schools for you and 3) write beautiful personal essays & professional resumes 4) complete applications

How much does this service cost?

The cost of each 4-week cycle is usually between NT$12,000 to NT$21,000 — the actual cost depends on
1) the number of days  2) the amount of time  3) the content you require

After you fill out the application at the bottom of this page, I will be able to give you an exact quote.

HOW exactly does this service work?

1. Pick Your Schedule

Begin by choosing
1) which days of the week you want to receive the assignments (you can pick between 3~7 days)
2) how many hours you can do the work on each of those days (0.5hrs~2hrs).

2. Do the Work

Check your email on the days you’ve chosen and get to work!

Do your best and submit your assignments on the same day. If you have questions about anything that’s related to English (but not necessarily related to our work), you can send them to me along with your homework. I am here for you!

3. Rinse & Repeat

I will evaluate your work on a weekly basis in order to design the assignments for the following week.

That’s right! Your bespoke assignments build on top of one another; the more you work with me, the better I understand what you need to work on.

WHAT others have to say about my service

How long have you worked with Abby?
My son has worked with Abby for almost a year.

Please describe your son’s project (bespoke assignments):
The project includes listening, reading, writing, and speaking in English. It still takes several trial and error steps, however, Abby is professional in leading you to find the correct way and make your English improved day by day.

What are some of the most important things you have learned while working with Abby?
Practice makes you improved. But the practice needs to be fun and flexible, so you’re not bored.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Abby is well-organized. You need a coach like her in learning anything.

Claire Lin


How long have you worked with Abby?
Around three years

Please describe your project (bespoke assignments):
My project is very versatile and fits my hectic schedule. It allows me to frequently use English in my zero-English campus life. The project with Abby required me to do a lot of “research” instead of giving me answers. I often felt I have to go into the details of word usage and be very precise about it.

What are some of the most important things you have learned while working with Abby?
I learned to make use of many great online tools and article sources. Also, I learned to differentiate words that have similar meanings, yet are used distinctively.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I am happy to have spent time with Abby and on English! I would really recommend Abby’s program to anyone who struggles with learning English.

Li Hsin


Please describe Abby as an instructor.

Abby is such an amazing instructor. She is not only patient answering all my questions but also encouraging in every stage of my learning. Abby is very professional as well. She is very good at facilitating me on writing out my ideas from my head with well-design assignments. The experience of working with her is unique. I feel much more confident about my abilities in writing essays. Because of her, now I have a clearer goal on my future plan for English study.

Did you hesitate before working with Abby?


What was holding you back and what finally persuaded you to work with Abby?

Right before we started our project, I got to know that Abby will only work with me through emails instead of the traditional way of learning, which is face-to-face learning style. I hesitated for few days and wondered if the new learning method was going to fit me. Therefore, I had wanted to make sure the option of meeting online was available. Then working with Abby turned out to be an amazing and productive learning experience to me. The worry was totally unnecessary.

Abby’s Note: I offered Kristine the option of additional online consultation at a discounted rate. We did not end up meeting online even once because the assignments themselves turned out to be sufficient, and we had very good communication throughout our collaboration.

Describe how you used to learn English before working with Abby & how things have changed since then

I used to learn English in a classroom with interactions with teachers and my classmates. This formality made me think it is the only way and the best way of learning. However, Abby proved that learning English actually can be done through email, and it’s all because Abby is very communicative! More importantly, i used to think that memorizing more words and sentence patterns were the best for me to improve my writing. After I worked with Abby, I learned that the more important task is learning how to use the words you already know more effectively!

What is it like to learn with Abby through Bespoke Assignments and how is this experience different from classes you’ve attended before?

Teachers are expected to give the right answers when students make mistakes. What should we do after we graduating from schools and have no teachers around? Abby showed me that with a hint or a reminder, everyone can be his/her own teacher and the learning process can be life-long, and it happens anytime, anywhere. By finding the answers by myself, I figured out my tendencies of misusing words or making grammatical errors. On the other hand, I would remember the right way of using words and correct myself better. Getting answers straight from a teacher, in comparison, doesn’t allow the information to stay in my head for too long; I may still make the same mistake soon afterward.

What would you say are the big benefits of working with Abby?

Abby, thank you for helping building my confidence on writing! The big benefits of working with you is that I see writing is not as hard as i used to think and I can reach my goal. Thank you so much for your suggestions for my future study! Learning English with you brings me joy and excitement!

Kristine Chen

Here’s a blog article that features essays from my student who has been using Bespoke Assignments.

WHO this is NOT for 

If you are not a student who’s preparing to study abroad, this service isn’t for you. However, allow me to recommend English Ever After instead if you really want to improve your English and bring it to life!

WHAT’S next?
If you are ready to take your English to the next level with me, you can sign up for Bespoke Assignments by filling out the application form below:
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