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Let’s go back to the beginning & get the basics RIGHT! This course includes three parts: Sounds, Words & Rules. You’ll learn what you absolutely need to know about pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar in order to start bringing English into your life!

English Ever After is an innovative membership community designed to help you bridge the gap between knowledge and real life. It is a place where fun meets depth, but more importantly, it is a safe haven for those who are trying to make a breakthrough in the way they use English.

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Bespoke Assignments are a series of customized English homework designed specifically for students who plan to study in English-speaking countries. You will receive personal feedback after completing the assignments which are designed just for you, based on a schedule that works for you.

The writing your future depends on deserves the best treatment! This boutique proofreading service will take you through a professional process that meticulously improves your work both technically and artistically. 

Abby-Weng_80x80Abby Weng
English coach & consultant. Founder of Bring Your English To life. I help intermediate to advanced English learners make breakthroughs!

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