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Abby is a master who possesses great sensitivity in both language and the clients’ needs. She has helped me and my research team with creative techniques to enhance our work performance. Most importantly, her flexibility to customize a unique program to satisfy our specific needs is greatly valued and appreciated. We as English users on a daily basis still continue to improve our mastery of English because of her guidance and inspiration! DR. CHIA-HUEI TSENG

Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University

WHY  work with me

Artistic & Technically Precise

I have a solid grasp of both the art & science of writing. You can check out my most recent writing samples here.

Meticulous & Thorough

I examine the work that come to me with razor-sharp focus, and I take care of every aspect of your work: concept, substance, word choice, grammar… even style!


I’ve been professionally proofreading resumes, CVs, cover letters, recommendation letters, academic papers, school/program applications and etc. for over 7 years.

Organized & Responsible

When you start working with me, I will help you plan an effective schedule. I’m never late in delivering the revisions, and you’ll never feel confused about what to do next. I care tremendously about your work, and I’m there to answer your questions along the way.

WHAT others have to say about my service…

Abby is amazing, loves good literature, and can get lost thinking about philosophy and the meaning of life the same amount as I if not more. Her writing is gorgeous and she knows how to handle an argument. T.R.

English Teacher

Abby is a very smart consultant. Professionally, she grasps the needs of her client in very short time and works effectively. She works in a very organized way and is very careful. We even finished the work one week ahead of schedule and had a very high quality result.

Meanwhile, she is also a warm teacher, although my case was documents proofreading, she gave me many inspiring suggestions instead of revising my words directly, and this helped me think broader and clearly so I could confirm my ideas for the writing. Eventually, I got well-revised articles with very fluent and elegant style, and I also made progress in English writing during these couple of weeks.

Thank you so much! Abby!


Piano Teacher / Art Studio Owner

I really appreciate the valuable suggestions from Abby over these 10 days. The 24 hour response and precise comments efficiently helped me meet the EA deadlines. Looking back, I am glad that I have made the right choice and written much better essays. I would definitely recommend this service to those who are overwhelmed with stress in the college application season! Charlene

University Student

Choosing Abby as my college essay editor was one of the best choices I made during my college application process. It is easy to find someone who is an expert in language and grammar, but it is much more difficult to find someone who can help you with the real substances of your essay. Before I worked with Abby, I had a hard time catching the gist of writing college essays, especially with my common application personal statement. However, through the few weeks I worked with Abby, she completely changed my perspective on writing college essays and was able to guide me to the right track.

Abby’s editing wasn’t simply just fixing grammar mistakes or organizing basic structures, she trains you to become a successful essay writer. Instead of telling you what to fix, she uses thought-provoking ways to inspire the deepest thoughts that are often key to sparking up your essays. I had been stuck with my personal statement for half a year and still wasn’t able to work through my issues, but when Abby read it she was able to point out the key problems right away. The way she guided me through the process triggered some of the best thoughts I had with my essay, and within a few days, my essay was revised to a version that I had never been more satisfied with. Abby doesn’t simply improve your essay, she improves you as an essay writer. Through working with Abby, not only was I able to finally become satisfied with my essays after so much struggle, I have become better at choosing what themes to focus on, what details to choose, and what tones to write with.

Abby is also very responsible and punctual. During the week before my early around essay were due, she promptly responded within 24 hours every time I sent her revisions. Within one week, she helped me perfect over 10 difficult essays efficiently and effectively. Her revisions are also very clear, organized, and to-the- point; every time she sent back revisions I was able to understand and solve my problems right away.

Overall, Abby has been one of the best essay editors I have worked with, and she was the reason why I was able to complete my college essays not just in time but also with quality. She has her special ways of helping with your essays that is more effective than any other ones I have ever experienced.


University Student

WHO this service is for 


Whether you’re applying for a new job or trying to get accepted by an academic program, I can help you!

Resumes, CVs, cover letters, application essays

Academics / Writers

I have helped academics from various disciplines (psychology, medicine etc.) with their papers and presentations. I also enjoy helping writers polish their masterpieces.

Research papers, presentation scripts, tenure applications, general articles etc.

Business Owners

Do you need help with your copywriting? Let’s step up your marketing content!

Newsletters, product descriptions, blog articles, sales pages etc.

WHO this is NOT for 
If you do not have a clear deadline or project, and you simply want to become a better writer, you should consider joining English Ever After instead. This service is designed for those who need to polish the writing they plan to submit eventually.

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